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Mass Timber Binge Watch Zone

Is mass timber the building material of the future?

PBS Newshour

Eco-friendly construction material “mass timber” gains traction

CBS Evening News

Sunnyvale, CA reaction to Mass Timber construction by Google


Building of INTRO Cleveland

Port of Cleveland

1 De Haro: A Case for Mass Timber

De Haro

Architecture and Mass Timber - Thomas Robinson - Lever Architecture

Mass Timber City

Architecture and Mass Timber - Susan Jones

Mass Timber City

Mass Timber in the U.S. - Steve Marshall

Mass Timber City

Mass Timber and Industrialized Construction

Mass Timber City

Architecture and Mass Timber - Thomas Robinson

Mass Timber City

Mass Timber - Connecting the Global Community
Wooden Skyscrapers Are On The Rise


Google’s Smart-City on Toronto’s Waterfront

Skyscrapers & MegaProjects

Sidewalk Labs releases plan for Toronto waterfront

CBC News

Mjosa Tower - world’s tallest wood building

Metsä Group

Could we build a wooden skyscraper?


Skyscrapers of the Future Will Be Engineered to Copy Nature


How massive wood buildings could help fight climate change

Washington Post

How We Built the Tallest Wooden Building in the World: The Tree


The World’s Largest Timber Building

The B1M

CLT (aka wooden skyscrapers), explained


Brock Commons ConstructionTime Lapse


Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities

The Economist

Inside Finland’s $130 Million Wooden City


Why Finland is Building a Wood City

The B1M

Wooden skyscrapers: Sustainable homes of the future?

Cambridge University

Introducing Cross Laminated Timber to North America (2011)


Ben Kaiser: A Sustainable Timber Skyline: The Future of Design

TedX Talks

Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers


Mass Timber stands-up during blast testing

Engineering News-Record

Cross Laminated Timber Fire Testing

U.S. Forest Service

Acoustics and Sound Control in Mass Timber Buildings

Mass Timber How To's

Vertical Column Movements in Tall Mass Timber Structures


Mass Timber Project Tours

Walsh Construction Co.

Why wood? CNL's choice to use mass timber in new builds

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories | Laboratoires Nucléaires Canadiens

Acsent MKE – Tallest in the World

Milwaukee Central Park Project

Ascent Project – Milwaukee – Drone Video

C.D. Smith Construction

Intelligent City Feature Film 2022

Intelligent City

Tall Timber and The Future City

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

The World’s Biggest Wooden Skyscraper Stands in Norway


Revolutionary Construction in Sweden


PAE Building, Portland, Oregon

Walsh Construction Co.

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