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About us

Our services include working with states and cities as they plan to move forward with Mass Timber construction and with individual companies working on large-scale timber developments.


Steve Marshall


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Understanding the Mass Timber Market in the US

I was recently interviewed by Tena Petrovic from the Climate Smart Forest Economy Program.



Steve is likely the most knowledgeable person in the country regarding the nexus of mass timber, our forests, politics, the environment, manufacturing, and the market.

Ben Kaiser
Founding Partner, Kaiser Group + Path Architecture

2013 Senator King Official Portrait.jpg

For over three decades, Steve has served as an incredible creative force and wealth of knowledge, helping members of Congress make informed policy changes that will have a lasting impact on our country for years to come.

Angus King
U.S. Senator, Maine


Steve has been an instrumental force for innovation in mass timber in North America and beyond. His impact is difficult to measure but there is no doubt in my mind his efforts have fundamentally 
connected the future of building to the future of forests.

Thomas Robinson
Founding Principal, Lever Architecture

Jeff Spiritos – Spiritos Properties – High Line –  New York – 9-1-15-b.JPG

Steve’s leadership from the beginning of the US mass timber movement is perhaps the biggest reason for timber’s adoption to date in America. Steve’s reach permeates the trees we are so grateful to be able to build with.

Jeff Spiritos
Principal, Spiritos Properties

Selected Speaking Engagements

  • International Mass Timber Conference

  • Colorado Mass Timber Coalition

  • Testimony before U.S. Congress

  • AEC Hack-a-thon (Copenhagen)

  • Bank of America Mass Timber Investment Seminar (Moderator)

  • Society of American Foresters (Moderator)

  • Industrialized Wood Building Conference (Moderator)

  • Washington, DC Mayor’s Mass Timber Panel Discussion

  • Mass Timber Group Podcast

  • Remarks to Montana State Legislature

  • Mass Timber March Madness

  • Impact Finance Center Forestry Investment Club

  • The Forests Dialogue - Climate Positive Forests Products (Co-Chair)

  • The Urban League - Los Angeles Mass Timber Construction: Why here? Why now? (Moderator)

  • Yale Forest Forum - Why Mass Timber Matters

  • Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Annual Meeting

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