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Embodied Carbon & Life Cycle Analyses

Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront

World Green Building Council

Circularity in the Built Environment


Comparative LCAs of Conventional and Mass Timber Buildings in Regions with Potential for Mass Timber Penetration

Maureen Puettmann, Francesca Pierobon, Indroneil Ganguly, Hongmei Gu, Cindy Chen, Shaobo Liang, Susan Jones, Ian Maples and Mark Wishnie

One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment for Buildings: Why it matters and how to use it

One Click LCA

City Policy Framework For Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon

Hines Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide


Buildings as Carbon Banks

Maria Cotela

Timber Trends:
The Year Ahead:
Integrated Design Solutions for Decarbonizing the Built Environment

Think Wood

Platte Fifteen Life Cycle Assessment

Think Wood

Zero Carbon Standard 1.0

International Living Future Institute

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