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General Guides

Mass Timber Design Manual

Mass Timber in North America

CLT Handbook (Canada)

Glulam Product Guide

Nail Laminated Timber U.S. Design and Construction Guide

DowelLam Mass Timber Design & Profile Guide

2023 International Mass Timber Report

Mass Timber Building Science Primer

100 Projects UK CLT

Mass Timber Design Guides + Case Studies

Creating Affordable Housing Opportunities with Mass Timber

Case Study: Adidas Village Expansion

Structural Design of a Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Single-Family Home

United States Forest Service Wood Innovation Report: Multi-Story Mass Timber K-12 Schools

Projects That Pencil Out

Introduction to CLT

CLT and Mass Timber

An Engineer’s Guide to Mass Timber Structures

New Model Building Guide

New Model Building Details

New Model Building Evidence

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