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Thanks to those that helped me start on my Mass Timber path

It has been an incredible experience to be part of the Mass Timber Movement in North America thus far. We have been fortunate that so many talented people have given so much of themselves as we work towards a more sustainable future.

While I have benefited and learned from many along the way, I want to pause for a moment and say “thank you” to some the small group of people that most directly helped me get going in Mass Timber.

Dave Atkins first explained Cross Laminated Timber and embodied carbon to me in 2010.

Andrew Waugh and his Murray Grove project in London showed me what was possible.

Daryl Patterson with his Forte project in Melbourne validated Mass Timber was real and possible globally.

Michael Green helped me see Mass Timber in a clear and compelling way.

Jim Hubbard at the US Forest Service gave me a green light to move out on Mass Timber.

Patrick Holmes, Tom Vilsack and others at USDA empowered and assisted that moving out with a White House Summit and the National Tall Wood Building Contest.

Jennifer Cover and her team at WoodWorks came through again and again.

Cees de Jager of the Softwood Lumber Board provided invaluable insights and was personally responsible for expanding my focus from CLT to Mass Timber in general.

Mike Ritter of The Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin was an invaluable ally.

Dave Atkins and Lauren Marshall helped get Wood Innovations rolling at the Forest Service. I still remember the look on their faces when I decided our tagline for Mass Timber would be “Changing How America Builds”. Surely, I was going a little too far.

Melissa Jenkins followed through behind Dave and Lauren as my incredible Wood Innovations co-lead for years. She impacted the entire sector.

To all of you, thank you!


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