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Learning about Mass Timber

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The mass timber advanced wood construction revolution that is sweeping North America is still young. The main driver behind this movement is the ability to sequester carbon in our buildings rather than use other materials the production of which emits considerable carbon. Among the other many benefits of using mass timber is the opportunity to link sustainable buildings to sustainable forests. The players are actively learning as they go. There is a big need for more expertise at the table. While there is plenty to learn about mass timber at there is a world of learning opportunities beyond what we offer. If you are thinking about learning more about mass timber either through professional development or by seeking a related degree program, we provide here a wide range of opportunities to consider.


International Mass Timber Conference – Portland, Oregon April 12-14, 2022 (In-person+Virtual.)


Advancing Mass Timber in Construction – Dallas, Texas October 4-6,2021 (In-person.)

WoodRise Congress 2021 – Kyoto, Japan October 15-18, 2021 (In-person+Virtual.)

Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference October 26-27, 2021 (Virtual.)


In North America

The Wood Institute features the combined educational offerings of WoodWorks, Think Wood, and The American Wood Council. There are many in-depth accredited CEU courses. All courses are free of charge.

In the U.S.

WoodWorks provides a wide range of free-of-charge professional development opportunities along with direct project consultation and many mass timber related resources. These are hugely valuable services and resources.

The Mass Timber Construction Management Program has been initiated by WoodWorks:

The American Wood Council plays a leadership role in the areas of policies, codes, and standards related to wood products. In addition to direct action, they have many products and tools related to these areas.

In Canada

WoodWorks! Is a communications program that is designed to help increase the use of wood in non-residential, mid-rise and tall building markets in Canada.

Think Wood provides commercial, multifamily and single-family home design and build resources to architects, developers, and contractors.

The Canadian Wood Council is a national federation of wood product associations with a focus on excellence in codes, standards, regulations, and education. They have considerable resources available related to mass timber.

woodSmart is a program of the Canadian Wood Council that supports post-secondary institutions, educators and students focused on advanced wood buildings.[AM1]


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Catholic University – School of Architecture and Planning:

Clemson University - Wood Utilization and Design Institute:

Georgia Tech - School of Building Construction:

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Michigan State University - Department of Forestry:

Michigan Tech - Graduate Certificate in Timber Building Design:

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University of Maine - Advanced Structures and Composites Center:

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University of Toronto - Mass Timber Institute:

University of Washington - College of Engineering:

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Virginia Tech - Center for Forest Products Business

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Washington State University – Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory:

Wentworth Institute of Technology – School of Architecture and Design:

Yale - Yale School of the Environment:

Yale - Yale School of Architecture:

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