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Technical Guides

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Mass Timber Design Manual

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Glulam Product Guide


NLT Handbook

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DowelLam Mass Timber Design & Profile Guide

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U.S. Mass Timber Construction Manual

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CLT Handbook (Canada)

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2021 International Mass Timber Report

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2020 North American Mass Timber Report

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Mass Timber in North America

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100 Projects UK CLT

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Forest Products in the Global Bioeconomy

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The Forest Dialog - Scoping Dialog on Climate Positive Forest Products

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FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2020

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Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront

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One Click LCA - Life Cycle Assessment for Buildings: Why it matters and how to use it


Comparative LCAs of Conventional and Mass Timber Buildings in Regions with Potential for Mass Timber Penetration

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Platte Fifteen Life Cycle Assessment

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World's Fastest Building Life Cycle Assessment So Far

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City Policy Framework For Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon

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Dovetail Partners Affordable Housing report

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Biophilic Design LookBook

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Biophilic Design Toolkit

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The Nature of Wood:
An exploration of the science on biophilic responses to wood

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Mass Timber Building Science Primer

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The State of Mass Timber in Canada in 2021

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Mass Timber and Other Innovative Wood Products in California: A Study of Barriers and Potential Solutions to Grow the States's Sustainable Wood Products Sector

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Timber Trends: 
The Year Ahead:
Integrated Design Solutions for Decarbonizing the Built Environment

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Identifying Drivers and Barriers for Investment in Oregon’s Mass Timber Manufacturing Supply Chain

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Mass Timber Design Guides + Case Studies

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United States Forest Service Wood Innovation Report: Multi-Story Mass Timber K-12 Schools

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Case Study: Adidas Village Expansion

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BC's Mass Timber Action Plan

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Hines Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide


Naturally Wood: British Columbia

2022 International Mass Timber Report

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Zero Carbon Standard 1.0


Awardees for Boston's Mass Timber Accelerator grant program

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Circularity in the Built Environment

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Forest Restoration by Design

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Buildings as Carbon Banks

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Projects That Pencil Out

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